Arisaema Mart. sec CATE Araceae, 2009

Mart. 1831. Flora. 14(2): 459


Distinguishing Features

Geophytic herbs; leaves usually 1 to 2, blade compound, usually trisect, pedatisect or radiatisect, with reticulate fine venation; spadix with sterile terminal appendix of very variable shape and size; flowers unisexual, lacking perigone; male and female flowers usually appearing in separate inflorescences, sometimes both present in the same inflorescence. Differs from Pinellia in having the female zone free from the spathe, and lacking a transverse septum separating male and female zones.


E. Zaïre to Ethiopia and Tanzania, Arabian Pen. to Sakhalin and Malesia, C. & E. Canada to Mexico.

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