Arophyton Jum. sec CATE Araceae, 2009

Jum. 1928. Ann. Inst. Bot.-Géol. Colon. Marseille. , IV, 6(2): 21


Distinguishing Features

Seasonally dormant geophytes or epiphytes; leaf blade cordate, trifid, trisect or pedatifid, submarginal collective vein present, fine venation transitional between parallel-pinnate and reticulate; spadix sometimes with short sterile terminal appendix; flowers unisexual, perigone absent; synandrium with marginal thecae dehiscing on the upper surface; female flowers surrounded by a cup-like synandrode. Colletogyne differs in the invariably cordate leaf blades, female zone entirely adnate to spathe and synandria composed of a single stamen. Carlephyton differs in the spadix always fertile to the apex, and the thecae either dehiscing on lower surface of synandrium, or with upper part of stamens free.


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