Carlephyton Jum. sec CATE Araceae, 2009

Jum. 1919. Ann. Inst. Bot.-Géol. Colon. Marseille. , III, 7: 187


Distinguishing Features

Seasonally dormant, tuberous geophytes; leaf blade cordate, submarginal collective vein present, secondary and tertiary venation parallel-pinnate, finer venation reticulate; spathe upper half marcescent, lower half persistent; spadix fertile to apex; flowers unisexual, perigon absent; female flowers surrounded by cup-like synandrode. Differs from Colletogyne and Arophyton in having stamens either completely connate with marginal thecae dehiscing on lower surface, or only partially connate with upper part of filaments and anthers free; bisexual flowers often present between male and female zones of the spadix.


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