Ooia S.Y.Wong & P.C.Boyce sec CATE Araceae Team, 2010

Wong, S.Y. & Boyce, P.C. 2010. Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XI: Ooia, a new genus, and a new generic delimitation for Piptospatha. Botanical Studies, 51, 543-552. p. 545


Distinguishing Features

Ooia is unique in the tribe as so far observed by the persistence of the entire spadix axis through to fruit maturation and dispersal, with the entire axis remaining fresh, and the non-female flowers sloughing away; indeed this is unique in the family. The spathe of Ooia is persistent late into fruit development, at which point the extreme top margin and associated rostrum are shed, enlarging the spathe orifice to allow spent flowers to be shed from the persistent spadix and later to enable the mature fruits, which decompose at full ripeness, to be washed from the spathe via water turbulence. Such inflorescences are pendent and often with their tips submerged in water.


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