Phymatarum M.Hotta sec CATE Araceae, 2009

M.Hotta 1965. Mem. Coll. Sci. Kyoto Imp. Univ., Ser. B, Biol.. 32(1): 29


Distinguishing Features

Small rheophytes, stem creeping or decumbent; petiole sheath with a long marcescent ligule; leaf blade apex with tubular mucro; spathe blade falling after anthesis; flowers unisexual, perigone absent; thecae of each anther with horn- or needle-like projections. Differs from Bucephalandra and Aridarum in constricted spathe. Further differs from Bucephalandra in densely tuberculate male flowers and subprismatic (not broad and flattened) sterile flowers between male and female flowers . Differs from Aridarum in stigma smaller than ovary, upper part of the spadix sterile with distinct appendix of hornless sterile flowers and stamens never excavated apically.


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