Sauromatum Schott sec CATE Araceae Team, 2010

H.W.Schott & S.L.Endlicher 1832. Melet. Bot.. 17


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Distinguishing Features

Sauromatum can be separated from all other Areae genera by a combination of four characters Sauromatum: has (1) pedatisect leaves; (2) a spathe tube with fused margins, (3) clavate lower staminodes; and (iv) upper staminodes that are differently shaped from the lower ones and/or longitudinal ridges on the spadix between the lower staminodes and the stamens. The ridges on the spadix may represent vestigial staminode bases, as is visible in S. giganteum. When the last two of these four characters apply and a species has pedatisect leaves and/or a fused spathe tube, then it can be assigned to Sauromatum.


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