Stylochaeton Lepr. sec CATE Araceae, 2009

Lepr. 1834. Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot.. , II, 2: 184


Distinguishing Features

Seasonally dormant or evergreen, rhizomatous geophytes; cataphylls often conspicuously mottled; leaf blade linear to cordate, sagittate or hastate, fine venation reticulate; inflorescence appearing before or with the leaves, borne at or partially below ground level; flowers unisexual, perigoniate, perigone a single cup-like structure, more conspicuous in female flowers; male flower usually with central pistillode, filaments slender, free. Differs from Zamioculcas and Gonatopus in having entire (not compound) leaves, tepals connate into a cup and spathe tube margins connate.


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