Take a Tour of CATE Araceae

CATE Araceae is an online web-revision of the family Araceae. At its core is a checklist of Araceae taxa that represent the current state of our understanding of the family. A community of Araceae taxonomists from around the world work on this web-revision, filling in the gaps. You're welcome to join.


CATE Araceae has a page for each of the 4,000 species in the family that contains images, descriptions, information about its relatives and synonyms, distribution, nomenclature and more. None of this information is very useful if you do not know which species you're interested in, so we also provide 5 multi-access online keys that will lead you to the right page. Don't know which genus you're species belongs to? Thats ok - we've also got a key to the genera.

In addition to the keys, we're also developing a richly illustrated glossary of characters so that you can be sure that you understand what descriptive terms mean. Indeed, CATE Araceae has over 1000 images of specimens, literature, terms and taxa, all of which can be searched and browsed. Our descriptions can be searched too, with our powerful free text search engine.


A checklist is no good if it is out of date, so CATE Araceae provides the facility to add and update content as it becomes available. Our community of Editors and Copy Editors include professional taxonomists and amature enthusiasts. Please let us know if you would like to help.

CATE Araceae is more than a website - it is a database of information that can integrate with other databases around the world. We provide ways of unambiguously identifying the sense in which a particular taxon is used, and publishing that information so that it can be aggregated by Google, GBIF, and EOL. CATE Araceae provides a new way for taxonomic information to be published.


CATE Araceae is all about species pages, but it doesn't end there. The data in CATE Araceae is held in a sophisticated model of taxonomic information that covers important related data like specimens, literature, people, organizations, collections, terms, pictures, keys, and molecular data. CATE Araceae holds a wealth of other information related to the Araceae, and also links through to external sources of information such as GBIF, the Biodiversity Heritage Library, Botanicus, NCBI Entrez,and more